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Servers opening time!

Hello GrindRoad players,

Servers will open today at 14:00 GMT +2 (Saturday server opening time), and It’ll become 24/7 on the servers Iridium and Plutonium, also the slots of Iridium will be increased to 1000 slots to maximize the gaming experience, so invite your friends and lets play GRINDROAD!

Also, i would like to make something clear, characters will not be deleted since the server it’s still on Alpha stage… in this time that we will have, our job as a player is just find BUGS, crash up the server to test the stability, lets put this servers CROWDED and lets crash it to test the stability of it! It’s time to fully test GrindRoad servers!

Hope to see you In Game and enjoy this week!

Remember to send us your Screenshot to participate on the contest “Screenshot of the week” to our forum (Anonymous/Iorveth) or to my email (anonymous1266@hotmail.com).

Also keep visiting us, we have new events and contest for this blog, and the winners of this contest/events will earn POINTS on the website to buy weapons and new avatars! DONT MISS IT! 



  1. Eimis
    June 18, 2011 at 7:17 am

    yep, thats cool, but yesterday i got 2 crash and my friend too when 50~ people be around, gm spawned too much unique they walking in city too..

  2. Eimis
    June 18, 2011 at 10:43 am

    Why iridium offline, when plutonium online about 30 mins?

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