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Servers report + Information.

Hello GrindRoad players,

We have good and bad news, but more GOOD than bad.

First the good news:
– Server Iridium is stable and everything is working well, by now crashes have been reduced and the server have been online for more then 10 hours! Hopefully the server keeps well and we get more players.
– The new forum (vBulletin) is coming possibly soon, so wait for it.
– We have a new team in the Game Masters named Anonymous (Me :D) I still don’t know if it’s permanent or just to test me but hopefully things keep going well.
Today’s event prizes has been delivered to the winners! you can see the winners bellow!

Now the bad news:
– Forum is offline due to the MASSIVE spam that the users of the server Plutonium posted on the forum about the server not being 24/7 since It’s having lots and lots of crashes, Ufonose has applied a new patch to it to see if the server becomes more stable.
– Plutonium might not become 24/7 like i said before.
– Plutonium is crashing, but this crashes are being reduced, please be patience and do not spam about it.

This is it guys, everything seems to indicate the right way… The community is growing and servers are getting more stable, so keep inviting people!

Registrations might open tomorrow so keep an eye on Ufonose twitter!, registrations only open 30 minutes.


  1. devran
    June 22, 2011 at 10:09 am

    what opens when sw

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