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Server & Information last days report.

Hello GrindRoad players,

As some of you know, i couldn’t update the blog because of some personal problems but I’m back to this, so, time to keep Up-To-Date the blog.

Here is the information that Ufonose reported to the users on the new forum about the server not-24/7 and the bugs.

here is some information regarding our progress and i hope i can answer some questions i see alot lately.

i have not much time to work on grindroad atm but currently i am working on the DC issues.
thats what is still left:

– DC at connecting (you have to try 2-3 times to get in)
– DC when spawning at crowded places
– DC after visiting stall (fixed yesterday)
– DC when walking around
– DC after teleport / respawn

the DC problems are very annoying and thats the reason there is no 24/7 atm, i rather open the servers 2 hours aday in a controlled way than scare players away with a buggy 24/7 crap everyone saw before with other emulators.

when i find all the problems listed above, i will start finishing the damage and every skill in the game. the reason i want to find the current DCs first is i dont want them to interfere with new DCs from the skills.
please keep reporting the bugs, i will fix them on the go.

So, i guess that this explains everything, lately many people have been asking me the same question on MSN, so here is the answer of that question.

Also i have new surprises for you guys, New events will arrive to the server soon!, with new prizes and new things to keep the fun on the server. Keep visiting us for more information about this new events!

  1. Ahmed
    February 13, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Server Titanium Will Work In 13/2 ??

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