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New special events.

Hello GrindRoad players,

Thanks to the suggestions of some users we are making new special events, these
events are not going to be all the time so you better be online on the momment
is being executed :D.

[1] – Find the Unique.
—-| A Notice will appear with the location of the Unique and how many uniques
are going to be spawned, this mostly consist on making it fun, on this event
there is no price, you just need to find the unique and HUNT it. Today we made
one, here is an screen of what the GM will say:

[2] – Search & Destroy
—-| A Notice will appear with a little hint (location), you must find the
target/objective to win the event, the prize of this event can be 5 or 10
points, the unique that you must hunt will always be Shaitan or Lord Yarkan so
this is mainly for 90+ players. Today we made one, here is an screen of what the
GM indicates:

[3] – Survival
—| This is a very special event and funny as hell if you are with your
party/guild members, the point of this event is to CLEAN the Hotan Fortress,
arround 50 uniques of every level will spawn there and you must eliminate every
mob that is in there, this is not as easy as it sounds since you can die fast
due to the MASSIVE monster spawn, users level 101+ Died against Uruchis spawns
mobs or Tigers, today we made one and here is a screen of the mini-map of one
part of the Hotan Fortress (On the other side it was also full):

[4] – The Tai-Sui Chainsaw
—| This is another cool little event to make the Tai-Sui killing more
difficult, while Tai-Sui is insulting and killing you, you must deal with the
rest of the Uniques that will also spawn there of any level, could be 5 or 10
Lord yarkans or Shaitan or even Tiger Girl, any unique that the GM wants will
spawn there, today we made one and I took some screens:




Every event has different levels or difficulties known as "Defcon", 3 different
of ‘Defcons’

Defcon 1: Normal (D1)
Defcon 2: Impossible (D2)
Defcon 3: Suicide Mission (D3)

You’ll see the definition of It when the event is being executed. 😉

This events are very special, means that It won’t be all the time like Unique
Spawning or Hide n’ Seek, this events might be 1 time peer week or maybe 2 peer

Like always we are listening our users opinion to bring you a better and
different Silkroad Gameplay, more fun and at the same time more ‘difficult
;), If you have ideas for more events that we could make we are listening, you
can send PMs to every member of our team, we have our "Imbox" opened for your

If you have some questions about this event feel free to add or send an email to
Anonymous1266@hotmail.com[ (MSN & QQ).

I’ll leave the topic opened so you can tell us what you think about this

Thank you for your attention, see you In Game.
– The GrindRoad Team.

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