Dear users,

As you know, servers are going to shutdown for at least a week or more, mean this time a server update will be applied to the server.

The forum will stay opened and not in Maintenance mod, but if it get spammed the forum will close.

To keep Up-To-Date with the server news and updates about when is going to open or the recent progress with the new Legend VIII update will be posted on ufonose twitter or here.

Ufonose twitter:

Also, I want to inform that the server WONT advance to the BETA test, Alpha stage will remain and characters will not be deleted, only when BETA comes the characters will be deleted, when does the BETA comes? When major bugs are fixed (skills/crash).

Feel free to visit our IRC to chat with the GMs and receive a more detailed information.


Thank you for your attention and comprehension.
– The GrindRoad Main/Blog team.

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