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Regarding GPoints.

Hello GrindRoaders,

As many of you has been asking this days, where to get the GPoints here is an explanation of the new system for GrindRoad V1/V2.

– Buy premium on the website and I will send your paypal email address a key.
– with that key you can login to the website and use it here: http://grindroad.com/accountpremiumkey.aspx
– you will get 1month of premium for V1 = 200 Gold | V2 = 500 GP
– if you dont have a paypal account you can get the keys from resellers.

It’s easy to get it, and the premium service only cost US$10.00.
Also, you get a “Contributor” rank on the forum and your nick will be Blue, more things will come for the Premium members.

GP/GPoints = Silks

We hope you enjoy your stay here with us.
-GrindRoad Team.

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  1. Haakon
    September 27, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    i dont get the key, where i can find this?#

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