Dear users,

The SPARTAN Event has arrived once again but this time, we will finish it and by this event we will decide who are the best players in the GrindRoad V2 Server!, this will be a fight that you shall never forget and you can’t loose it!, on a 1 on 1 battle, only the best survives!

About this event.
– The Heroes of Sparta event is the reincarnation of the old SPARTAN event “SPARTA Battle of Thermopylae”; with same story, but different organization.
We Invite you to participate on this event since you will win precious Items that you shall not loose!

We will have different catogires to keep the things fair.

Please explain me this.
– You can visit our Heroes of Sparta website to know everything you need to know about this event, how to participate, the instructions and how it will be taken done. You can’t loose this event! Everyone is free to submit his char to see if his qualified for this battle.

How to participate?

After you are in that website READ the instructions and all the information in that website after that navigate through the menu until you see “PARTICIPATE” over there fill the form and we do the rest, if you read the instructions you will know what to do after that.

Anything else?

Yes, this time we will have 5 different categories each one with different levels, you can also see that on the Heroes of Sparta website.

Whats the link of the Heroes of Sparta website?


  1. _Customize_
    October 10, 2011 at 3:59 am

    Gm…When The V1 open ? how We all wait for the server Open? im So excited to Play agin On Grindroad…Hope The server will Open Today 😀 thanks Love u All GM’s

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