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A request to the players of GrindRoad.

Dear Users,

You always get mad when you cant get into the server because your character is in Jangan and you get instant crash, but do not complain if you are not doing the right thing!.
I Request to the users that PLEASE move to a different area than THIS ONE:

Being AFK on that area will just CRASH the players that wants to go to Jangan, and the GMs CANT move your char, we do NOT have the command to do that, and ufonose is working on this little bug but MEANWHILE, move from that spot. Perhaps maybe Jangan South like THIS ONE:

Just cooperate with us as you want us to cooperate with you.
We are doing our best to bring you the best gameplay ever experienced on Silkroad, but if we can’t do a simple thing like this one and let the other players play, then there’s nothing we can do.

On different momments I will start disconnecting the users if they are AFK.

Yours sincerely

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